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Seven Year War
The seven year war was a massive war, which occurred in the years of 1756 to 1763 and also was said to be the fist of the “world” conflicts. Two of the major parties in this war were the French and also the Prussians, also Britain was very heavily involved in the majority of the war, as well as Austria who were in a head to head conflict with the Prussians. It is widely believed that the Prussians and the Austrians were still in conflict mainly because of the war of the Austrian procession.
At the beginning of the seven-year war there was a lot of political alliances made which set up future conflicts which would take place within this war. First of all Britain sided with Prussia and France made an alliance with Austria who previously had been enemies. This meant that French and Britain battles were somewhat frequent. These two alliances were vitally important in this war as at the time these were two of the biggest and most powerful countries in Europe. All of these political advancements occurred in the year 1956 so this is why this year is marked as the beginning year for the war as these actions are the ones that set up the rest of the war.
In 1957 “The Holy Roman Army” became involved in the conflict when it was led by the empress of Austria (Maria Theresa of Hapsburg) to attack on Prussia whom it had been enemies with for a long time. Then her husband the emperor Fredrick because of this action went and invaded Bohemia, which was currently Austria territory, and he defeated them and took the land. This action was one of the main reasons why most of the actual physical conflict began and why the two countries used their allies to try and gain power over the other.
As of 1759 it had seemed that Prussia was loosing at this stage of the war ad the French and Austria were simply overpowering them as well as the British. In 1960 the British then had a breakthrough with a win over the French in India, this ended all chance France had of gaining control of India. The British then began to win all of the battles between Britain and the French which saw them regain all of the land which the French had previously taken along with the Austrians. IN 1963 the two countries regained peace with one another after the signed a peace treaty in Paris which ensured their co-operation with each other and their alliance. This ended the war as Prussia and Austria wouldn’t go into war alone and their allies in the French and Britain wouldn’t have allowed them to. seven%20years%20war%20maps.jpg