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Paper 3 – Directed Writing and Composition

Q1 – Directed Writing

  • Keep it ‘tethered’ to the extracts
  • It will be a ‘real life’ context, requiring no additional knowledge
  • It will be one of the 7 Genres but different from Paper 2
  • The marks are 10 for content; 15 for writing quality
  • Demonstrate control and range in your style.
  • Picking up on Implied meanings
  • Expect 2 extracts – (They like ‘fact boxes’)
  • Use all the materials and integrate your sources
  • There will be have a persuasive or argumentative focus
  • Focus on VARP with your register and structure
  • Don’t copy the text – remodel. Try to vary the vocabulary

Q2 – Composition
  • Don’t mix Describe and Narrate
  • Structure is crucial – show your plan
  • Development is more important than amount of points for all three questions
  • Focus on effects, don’t be afraid of subtly or humour.
  • USE COMPLEX SENTENCES – but focus on variety
  • Consistency of voice and tone is important
  • Introductions and conclusions really matter
  • The Criteria Hierarchy goes:
1. Complex
2. Interesting
3. Relevant
4. Partial
5. Simple
6. Unclear