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Blake the Poet
Click on the following links to read some of Blake's most important poems from Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
London by Blake

The Chimney Sweeper by Blake

The Tyger by Blake

The Little Vagabond by Blake

The Lamb by Blake

The following document is the Quick Blake Revision Guide that we came up with in class (so if you think it is rubbish - blame yourselves...). This will be key in your work leading up to your exam

Check out the following links to read more online analyses of Blake and his poetry...

Blake the Man
Download the following articles to find more about Blake, his life and his poetry...

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Blake the Artist
Blake was not just a poet, but also an engraver and an artist. He was powerfully affected by Milton's Paradise Lost and represented many of the scenes from this epic tale artistically. They are full of emotion and work extremely effectively alongside Milton's work. Have a look at some of them below.





Ancient of Days