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An Intro To Russian Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy at the time was viewed upon as a flawed system because in a Bureaucratic system, a large number of steps must be taken to get something done or decided, and so when something goes wrong, it is hard to pinpoint where and what went wrong. This allowed for corruption and confusion to occur.
Map of the Russian Empire at its peak in 1866
Map of the Russian Empire at its peak in 1866

"The most important problems arising from the growth of bureaucracy are a tendency by an organization to seek to extend its power and jurisdiction, a form of organizational imperialism; and the development of an inbuilt resistance to change, especially changes which affect the internal structures and norms of the organization." -

Tsar Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia 1825-1855
Tsar Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia 1825-1855

Throughout most of the first half of the 19th century, Nicholas I was the Emperor of Russia, and supported the bureaucratic system. Slavophiles at the time wanted the Russia Empire to be developed upon its own values and institutions that derived from its early history. This meant they rejected all western ideals, and caused Russia to drag behind western civilization (as said by Stalin when he famously said that the USSR was 50-100 years behind the West).

Russian Bureaucracy also led to many uprisings, such as the November Uprising and the Decembrist Revolt. It has been criticized heavily by all Western powers, and sees Russia as a backwards society. The liberal governments of France and the UK sees Russia as barbaric and untrustworthy.

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"Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality"

Russia had a slogan of "Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality" which basically binds everyone to one rule: The Orthodox Church, the Tsar and Mother Russia, centralizing the empire towards these three things. It is a formal proclamation of the ideology of Russian Bureacracy.

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